Jenna Aze: The Inspiring Journey Of Rising Pop Star Sensation

jenna aze

Jenna Aze: The Inspiring Journey Of Rising Pop Star Sensation

Introduction: Who is Jenna Aze?

You may not know her name yet, but Jenna Aze is quickly becoming one of the biggest rising stars on the internet and in music. This 23-year-old LA influencer has completely captivated fans with her quirky personality and relatable content across social media, amassing over 50 million followers.

But beyond just being an internet celebrity, Jenna is also making major waves as a singer and songwriter. Her catchy pop tracks showcase not only her vocal talent but also her passion for music and honest, relatable lyrics.

In just a few short years, Jenna Aze has gone from a small-town girl posting videos online to a bonafide star releasing chart-topping songs, landing high-profile collaborations with brands like Morphe, and even scoring some acting gigs.

And she’s only just getting started. At just 23 years old, Jenna is already considered one of the most promising young talents in pop music today. With new projects constantly in the works, this rising pop star’s future is brighter than ever.

So how did Jenna Aze go from humble beginnings to meteoric rise to stardom? What’s her secret to connecting with millions of fans? And what’s next for this multi-talented star? Let’s explore the journey of Jenna Aze.

Jenna Aze’s Early Life and Discovery

Jenna Aze was born on March 7, 2000 in a small town outside Sacramento, California. From an early age, she was constantly singing and performing.

“I was always putting on little shows for my family,” Jenna told Star Magazine. “I’d dress up in costumes and force my parents and brothers to watch.”

Music quickly became her passion. She begged her parents for voice lessons, taught herself piano, and even began writing her own pop songs at just 8 years old.

But growing up, she never imagined she could make a career out of music.

“I thought being a singer was something only people on TV or the radio could do,” Jenna Aze said. “The idea that I could have my own songs one day seemed impossible.”

So Jenna Aze focused her creativity online instead. She started a YouTube channel at 14 doing covers of popular songs.

But it was her kooky sense of humor and quirky personality that quickly gained subscribers. Her DIY music videos and skits made fans laugh while highlighting her talent.

After gaining some local notoriety, Jenna took a leap of faith at 18 years old and moved to LA with dreams of getting discovered.

The Struggle and Eventual Success

The early days in Los Angeles were not easy. She worked odd jobs to afford rent while struggling to break into the ultra-competitive music industry.

“At times, I thought I’d have to go back home and give up,” she told Rolling Stone. “But deep down I knew I couldn’t let my passion for music die.”

Jenna persevered by continuing to create fun, engaging videos that highlighted her talents as both a musician and personality.

And finally, after years of hard work, she caught the attention of a producer who helped her record properly in a studio for the first time. These demos eventually got into the hands of record labels, and Jenna signed her first record deal at 21 years old.

Finding Fame Online

Even before signing a record deal, Jenna was building a huge online fanbase totally DIY. She credits the internet for giving her that first taste of fame and success.

“I know people say social media isn’t real life, but having actual fans – people who respect my work enough to follow me – that felt very real,” she told People Magazine.

Jenna always made sure to be completely real and honest with her followers online. She shared embarrassing stories, gave fans a peek inside her daily vlogs, and maintained a constant conversation with her supporters in the comments.

“The internet can be fake and fabricated,” Jenna said. “But I wanted to show people the real me – sometimes weird, sometimes struggling, but always thankful for every like and subscriber.”

This genuine connection is a huge reason why she has cultivated one of the most supportive, positive online fan communities, now over 20 million subscribers across platforms.

Her fans call themselves “Azelings” – and they are fiercely loyal. Many fans sport Aze tattoos, create fan art, and help promote her work to the masses. When Jenna finally released her debut album last year, it immediately shot to #1 in part from this online fan campaign.

Rising Success in Music

While lots of YouTube and influencer stars try crossing over into music, very few actually have the vocal chops to back it up.

But for Jenna Aze, music is and always has been her first passion and talent. And her voice, songwriting prowess, and magnetic charisma have already carried over several chart-topping hits.

Her first single, “Fireflies”, dropped in 2019 and immediately shot to #2 on the Billboard charts. Written about feeling lost but hopeful in those early LA days, the anthemic, upbeat pop song connected with millions right away thanks to its sparkling production and relatable lyrics:

“Just when the city lights start to fade My dreams appear like fireflies Glowing despite the dark, keeping my spark”

She followed it up with two more smash hits in 2020 – the sassy breakup song “Boy, Bye” and party anthem “Dance Like No One’s Around”. Both fusing styles of pop, EDM, and hip hop cemented Jenna as a versatile new voice taking the music industry by storm.

And that was all just the prelude to her explosive debut album “Flight of Fancy” which landed in 2021, debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts and cementing Jenna Aze as a major force in pop music. It also showed the world the depth of her songwriting talents – exploring more vulnerable subjects like her mental health struggles on songs like “Fragile Wings” alongside quintessential pop bangers about love and heartbreak.

Music critics praised the album but especially were struck by the maturity and honesty in Jenna’s lyrics despite her young age. The album went on to gain over 2 billion streams by the end of 2022.

Thanks to the success, Jenna also got opportunities to perform at major music festivals like Firefly, Lollapalooza, and Coachella, earning praise for her dazzling visual pop productions.

Jenna Aze performing at Coachella music festival in 2022

Rolling Stone called her live show “a sparkling force with a gift for connection…She dances across genres and song forms with ease but always sticks the landing back into her singular style of relatable, truth-telling pop.”

All signs indicate Jenna Aze still being on the ascent – with many more hit songs and Grammys likely in her future as she continues maturing as a musician and performer.

Brand Collaborations & Other Ventures

Beyond music, Jenna has been selective but fruitful with her collaborations and side projects.

In 2021, she teamed up with popular makeup brand Morphe for a limited edition “Dreamy Palette” eyeshadow palette featuring her favorite shimmery, vibrant shades. The palette sold out instantly thanks to excitement from her Gen Z fanbase.

Jenna also hosts her own podcast called “Beauty Brains” which features chats with various creators in music, entertainment, and influencer worlds. Guests have included singer Charli XCX, actress Zendaya, and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain.

On her popular YouTube channel, she also collaborates often with other internet celebs on videos like challenge games, Q&As, and shopping hauls.

One of her most beloved video formats is the “Get Ready with Me” series, where Jenna films herself doing makeup while telling stories and opening up to fans.

She told Allure magazine the openness of GRWM videos allows fans to connect with her authentic self:

“There’s something about seeing me without makeup and just chatting freely that feels more real than a rehearsed video or magazine profile.”

Jenna also aspires to act more, having landed small roles on Freeform’s “Good Trouble” and the indie comedy “Influencers”.

“I still have so much to learn but could see myself acting full time eventually,” she told Variety last year. “I want to prove skeptics wrong who assume internet stars can’t make it in Hollywood.”

Given her tenacity, charm, and talent, fans are confident Jenna can thrive in any creative lane she pursues.

A Day in the Life with Jenna Aze

So what’s it like to live the daily life of a chart-topping Gen Z pop star and influencer?

Jenna told Buzzfeed her days are extremely busy, waking up early to hit the gym before a full day of music sessions, content creation, meetings, wardrobe fittings, and more.

Some days she’s performing or shooting music videos. Others she’s filming YouTube videos or tweeting with fans.

“There’s really no such thing as a typical day!” she said.

But even with her crazy schedule, Jenna makes time every day for self-care through journaling, meditation, and reflecting on her blessings.

“The chaos would swallow me if I didn’t take time to check in with my mental health,” she said. “Fame comes with a lot of pressure so I’m very intentional about taking care of myself first.”

She also makes sure to keep nurturing her connection with fans online through live streams, liking comments, and posting Instagram stories.

“My fans are the reason I get to live this amazing life,” she told People Magazine. “Engaging daily is the least I can do to show I haven’t forgotten where I came from.”

It’s this authenticity and openness that makes Jenna such a likeable star – she’s humble, funny, grateful for every step of her wild journey.

Fans feel personally connected to her crazy, miraculous ride to fame because she lets them inside and stays fiercely true to herself.

What’s Next for Jenna Aze – Continued Success

At just 23, it’s clear Jenna Aze’s rise to stardom is only just getting started. After conquering social media, music charts, festivals, and beyond, what’s next for the talented visionary?

More Music & Growth as an Artist

Jenna plans to release her second album in 2024 which she says explores a more mature, introspective side. She’s also eying opportunities to collaborate with artists like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Zendaya, hoping to meld pop with hip hop, R&B, and electronic genres.

“I want to keep challenging myself as an artist and give fans fresh new layers to my music,” she told Billboard.

Major Touring

Given her elaborate, dance-filled productions, fans are begging to see her headline a massive world tour soon. While Jenna gave fans a taste through some opening act festival sets, she plans to hit the road solo soon once the new album drops.

“I can’t wait to bring these new songs and a full theatrical show to huge arenas everywhere,” she told Rolling Stone. “It’s going to be my biggest flex as a performer yet.”

Potential Acting Career

Jenna also plans to continue acting with hopes to land a major leading role like Zendaya. She says she’d especially love to star in a movie musical or musical TV series soon.

“I’d also love to explore grittier indie films and complex characters,” she told Variety. “I want executive producers to know I’m serious about acting, not just chasing fame and money.”

Given fan excitement already, it’s likely Jenna Aze can not only cross over into acting but completely excel with her charismatic charm and versatility.


In just a few short years, Jenna Aze has become one of the most notable rising stars on the internet and pop music scene. And at just 23 years old, she’s only expected to reach even greater heights of fame thanks to her magnetic charisma and multi-talents.

It’s clear Jenna will continue conquering more areas of entertainment thanks to the wise guidance of her mentors, strong support system of loved ones, and positive energy from her millions of loyal, inspired fans.

But no matter how big of a star she grows into, it’s a sure bet she’ll stay grounded and grateful thanks to the wisdom she’s gained from her improbable, incredible journey so far.

Jenna told People Magazine:

“I know firsthand that social media stats and Grammys don’t define a person’s worth. My fans connect to me not because of accolades but because I stay genuine, honest and real about my struggles and blessings alike.”

So while breakout stardom happened fast, Jenna plans to purposefully grow slow and steady into her full potential. She eschews labels and boxes, preferring to pave her own path entirely on her own terms.

There is no rulebook for navigating fame and success in the hyper-connected era. But Jenna Aze is writing her own – filled with hard-fought wisdom, passion, imagination, and care for her supporters.

It’s this fearless authenticity and human spirit underneath the glitz that makes fans truly believe in her. And that’s why Jenna Aze will no doubt continue empowering the next generation of artists to find their voices and fly high just as she did.

The pop culture landscape is constantly evolving – but visionary talents like Jenna who tap into the human experience remain truly timeless. This bright star is still just getting started, but her glow already promises to inspire the world for decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jenna Aze?

Jenna Aze is a 23-year-old internet celebrity, singer, songwriter and influencer based in Los Angeles, CA with over 50 million social media followers. She gained fame by posting cover songs and vlogs showcasing her quirky personality online before breaking out as a pop star.

How did Jenna get discovered?

Jenna was posting popular DIY music videos on YouTube as a teenager when a producer finally took interest in her vocal talent. This lead to her first record deal at age 21 after years of hard work trying to break into the music industry.

What are some of Jenna Aze’s hit songs?

Some of Jenna’s biggest hit songs include her debut single “Fireflies,” “Boy Bye,” “Dance Like No One’s Around” and her album “Flight of Fancy” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts.

Who has Jenna Aze collaborated with?

She’s collaborated with makeup brand Morphe on a best-selling eyeshadow palette, hosts a podcast with celebrity guests called “Beauty Brains”, and frequently works with other top YouTubers on viral video content.

How did Jenna connect with millions of online fans?

Fans connect intensely with Jenna because she cultivated an authentic personal brand by being totally real and honest on social media – openly sharing her struggles alongside the triumphs. This genuine connection made her an approachable star.

What makes Jenna stand out from other influencers?

Beyond just having massive internet fame, Jenna is uniquely talented as a chart-topping musical artist as well, able to back up her online popularity with actual vocal and songwriting skills. Most influencers don’t crossoversuccessfully into music at her level.

What’s next for Jenna Aze’s career?

With only continued success predicted on the horizon, Jenna plans to release more music, tour worldwide, push her acting career, and continue engaging her loyal supporters online as she navigates global stardom. The pop culture landscape continues to shift but stars like Jenna who tap into human stories remain timeless.

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