AirPods Max 2 come to shelves late next year | Everything we know so far

AirPods Max 2

AirPods Max 2

Everything we know so far

Apple’s premium over-ear headphones, the AirPods Max, made quite a splash when they first hit stores in December 2020. Over two years later, rumors are heating up that a second-generation model – the AirPods Max 2– will be launching in late 2023 or in 2024. 

This upcoming refresh promises expected upgrades like improved sound quality, longer battery life, USB-C charging and new color options. Let’s dive into the specifics on what we know so far about the next iteration of the critically-acclaimed headphones.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year | Overview of Anticipated AirPods Max 2 Enhancements | Everything we know

The original AirPods Max won over audiophiles with their excellent audio fidelity, customizable spatial sound and ultra-premium build. However, the $549 price tag places them firmly as luxury headphones. 

The impending AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year plans to build on that strong foundation with enhancements across several aspects:

Enhanced sound with upgraded internals – larger drivers, expanded frequency response and boosted amps can take clarity, detail and output levels up a notch.  

Refined noise cancellation using a hybrid feedforward + feedback microphone array to handle both inward and outward sound more adaptively.

Longer battery life through efficiency optimizations – stretching listening times from 20 hours presently to 24-30 hours brings it up to speed with rivals.  

Fresher color options beyond the original 5 variants can help differentiate generations visually. 

And the usual suspects like comfort, controls and connectivity changes we see with most revisions nowadays.

The second-coming AirPods Max 2 will likely also get functionality perks shared by Apple’s audio portfolio launching alongside – Lossless Apple Music streaming, Find My integration etc.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year Launch Date and Availability Projections

Veteran Apple analyst Mark Gurman that the AirPods Max 2 will release at some point in **late 2023**. 

While an exact date is unconfirmed, Apple’s audio product launch history provides clues:

The original AirPods Max released in mid-December 2020, a month after the November launch of standard AirPods 

The AirPods Pro 2 in September 2022 similarly reached retail right after the new flagship irPods dropped earlier that month

So holiday 2023 seems a very realistic target for the over-ear AirPods Max sequel to land in stores.

Availability could be limited initially if the supply issues plaguing AirPods Pro 2 production extend to the Max refresh too. But Apple seems to be investing heavily in scaling headphone output capacity ahead of this launch. 

Either way – with the AirPods Max 2 expected to be in high demand, attractive preorder deals from third-party retailers look likely for early buyers.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year : Tech Specs and Hardware Changes 

While concrete technical specifications and details for the 2023 AirPods Max successor remain under lock and key presently, leaked reports give us clues on anticipated upgrades:


AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year

A new custom Apple processor, potentially named H2 to match recent audio products. Built specifically for headphones/earbuds, this will power the fancier features.  


Almost guaranteed upgrade to the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard. Brings longer range, higher bandwidth, efficient transmission and concurrent multi-device pairing.

Charging Port:

Switching from Lightning to USB-C, following the charging port change trend seen in latest iPhones and AirPods Pro. Enables faster charging too potentially.

Battery Life:

Upgrade from 20 hour current battery life to 24-30+ hours. Puts it amongst the longest lasting in the category. Faster quick charging likely as well.

Materials and Colors:

Rumors indicate new color options incoming. Also perhaps more durable materials like reinforced steel headband and aluminum earcups.

Beyond the leaks, reasonable to expect general acoustic hardware improvements like upgraded drivers for sound quality bumps, more mics for noise cancelling and voice calls etc.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year : Expected Advances in Noise Cancellation, Sound and Smart Features  

The original AirPods Max won praise for their phenomenal noise blocking abilities. But the sequel AirPods Max 2 turns it up further with a hybrid ANC system:

Feedforward mics detect external sounds and generate counter frequencies while feedback mics inside earcups tweak signals based on residual noise. Together, they deliver industry-leading noise cancellation.

Audio quality should see big leaps too – more well-rounded and expansive sound profile with lossless hi-res streaming support, upgraded internals to lower distortion along with computational audio and adjustable EQ powered by the new chip. 

Fun extra features like personalized listening recommendations via on-device AI, automated device switching, audio sharing, Find My integration to locate misplaced headphones and so on should also make their way over from other Apple audio products. 

Spatial audio with head tracking for movie watching is also almost guaranteed – dynamic surround sound so audio seems to emanate from fixed points rather than the headphones itself.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year

Design Updates

Colors, Weight, Size, Comfort

Don’t expect a major overhaul in core visual identity or form factor from the original. Apple usually retains signature aesthetics across generations. 

But a recently uncovered patent does highlight a swappable headband with easy magnetic attachments. So modular upgrades enabling part replacements may materialize.

More colors beyond the original 5 seem very likely though, as detailed above. Expect theming aligned to recent Apple launches – so shades and textures from the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra playbook perhaps.  

Comfort and ergonomics could see tweaks too like more breathable materials, clamping pressure reductions and pivot smoothing for prolonged wear. 

But critical dimensions like overall size, weight distribution and such unlikely to deviate drastically – maintains compatibility with existing accessories and cases.

AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year Price Expectations and Value Comparison

The original over-ear AirPods Max has retained its $549 retail pricing through its lifespan. Key competitors like Sony WH-1000XM5 and Bose QC45 sell for $50-100 cheaper albeit with tradeoffs in some areas.

And by all indications, the AirPods Max 2 will be primed to stretch Apple’s value advantage even more with the year-over-year upgrades. So the pricing staying largely consistent around the $499-549 mark seems reasonable. 

Storage bumps to 256GB at no added cost or pricing tiers based on bundled services access seem plausible though.

Of course retailer price cuts/bundles during seasonal sales events could make the flagship AirPods Max 2 cost $100ish less for limited periods. But still command a premium overall as a cutting-edge Apple headphone halo product. 

Buy Now or Wait? AirPods Max 2 Come to Shelves Late Next Year

With the next-gen AirPods Max 2 expected by late 2023, should you buy the original or wait? 

The current AirPods Max still easily stands amongst the best headphones available in 2023, with phenomenal audio quality, noise cancellation and dynamic head tracking powered by Apple’s H1 chip. Unless you specifically care about expected AirPods Max 2 upgrades like USB-C or battery boosts, the existing model is still an outstanding purchase.

That said, given the flurry of rumors surrounding the 2023 AirPods Max 2 now, Apple seemingly has substantial changes in the pipeline that early adopters may find worth holding on for.

As with any consumer electronics category, 12-14 month refresh cycles are the norm. So buyers fine with maximizing value from the mature 1st-generation AirPods Max can choose to buy now at permanent discount rather than chasing the next splash release.

For current AirPods Max owners, the prudent move is likely continuing to extract utility from your initial investment for a few more years before eyeing the 2023 sequel. But selling while used prices trend higher closer to the AirPods Max 2 launch is recommended for the shorter-term upgrade cycle crowd.


When is the AirPods Max 2 release date?

Most reports suggest a launch at some point in late 2023, likely Fall or Holiday 2023.

How much will the AirPods Max 2 cost?

Likely to retain around the $549 pricing levels of the current model. Retailer deals during launch period could effectively discount it to $499 or thereabouts.

Will AirPods Max 2 come in new colors? 

Rumors strongly indicate additional colors beyond the 5 in the original AirPods Max palette. 

Does the AirPods Max 2 have USB-C charging?

Yes, leaked information suggests a switch to USB-C in line with latest iPhones and AirPods Pro.

Can I use my original AirPods Max case with the 2023 model?

High likelihood since form factor and dimensions expected to have only minor changes if any.

Our Early AirPods Max 2 Verdict – Worth Upgrading?

Bottomline – while chunkier upgrades certainly planned, the AirPods Max 2 shapes up as more of an evolution than a drastic overhaul. Most improvements seem iterative but still valuable:

Multi-mic noise cancellation and spatial audio abilities will get boosted adaptively with the new H2 chip but were already top tier.

Noticeably longer battery life plus modern USB-C charging enjoys wide appeal for added flexibility.

Expect visual distinction from new color options over the original 5 variants.

And table-stakes support for leading connectivity standards like Bluetooth 5.3.

For prospective customers especially, the current AirPods Max has set the bar so high already for critical attributes like sound purity, comfort, materials and Apple ecosystem harmony that the 2023 sequel has limited headroom left for seismic shifts to the underlying experience.

Even for existing AirPods Max owners, holding out for 2-3 years rather than yearly upgrades makes sense to maximize ROI, given the largely iterative nature of revisions.

So in summary – the AirPods Max 2 does meter tangible but not radically disruptive next-gen advancements in late 2023 for early adopters able to justify the still premium cost of entry. 

But on the whole, most buyers can contently enjoy the current AirPods Max without a pressing need to rush their purchase decision solely for the sequel model.

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